Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Prop. 8

The California State Constitution, Article 1 Section 7.5 reads, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." This amendment to the state constitution was made after the Nov. 4th election in which 52% of California voters made the powerful statement that family does matter and traditional marriage will be protected.

In the weeks since California defined marriage as being between a man and a woman, the pro-gay marriage movement has become a scary and almost militant group of individuals. They have held demonstrations in nearly every big city in America and have sought to strike fear in those who oppose them. From racial slurs directed at the Black Californians who supported traditional marriage by 70% to hate filled memos to members of religious organizations, the gay community is quickly transforming their anger to an out-of-control rage.

Gary Bauer, of American Values had this to say about the recent demonstrations, "Thousands of homosexuals continued to march in major cities this weekend from coast-to-coast against America’s laws and common sense values regarding marriage. These individuals are insisting on more than tolerance, which they already have. They are demanding that the whole country throw thousands of years of Western Civilization in the trash can and redefine marriage. Even the New York Times acknowledged what is at stake by describing same-sex “marriage” as “an issue that many gay men and lesbians consider a critical step to full equality.” Indeed, that is exactly the issue because marriage is the foundation of our society and the first institution ordained by God. Marriage is society’s “stamp of approval."

He continued, "These protests are shedding light on the authoritarian, anti-democratic impulse of the militant homosexual rights movement. While most of the press coverage of the weekend protests was glowing, one San Francisco station, KTVU, filmed a mob of angry gay radicals threatening a small group of Christians who had gathered to pray on a street corner Friday night. Police in riot gear had to be called in to escort the Christians safely out of the area."

One of the great traditions we hold in our great country is that of peaceful transfers of power. A republican may replace a democrat in the White House and there is no war in the streets, that is what makes these radical demonstrations so absurd. We live in a land of democracy and as such we understand that when the majority make their opinion known, it is accepted by all. Our democracy is being mocked and it is a true embarrassment.

Amid the contention in the streets we will rejoice that the family has been protected. We appreciate all who worked to pass Prop. 8 in California and those who fought to preserve our religious freedoms. We surly have not seen the last of this fight and we will continue to press on.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As the 2008 election has played out it has been somewhat different than I expected. I thought we would hear a lot about the war--the war in Iraq that is. Instead I have witnessed first hand the tremendous need to protect, promote and strengthen the family. The war that has come to the forefront has been a cultural war--a war on our culture and our families--a war on which the outcome of our civilization rests. I have thought often of Joseph Daniel Unwin, a well known anthropologist of the early 1900’s, who set out to prove like many today that marriage was irrelevant. His research chronicled the decline of 86 different cultures and he was forced to conclude that only marriage with complete fidelity could produce cultural prosperity.

I have wondered many times if our civilization would learn from the past. Will our society choose to fall or fly? Will we recognize that families are essential to personal and national liberty and must be given the highest possible protection under the law or will we allow the tyranny of tolerance towards the politically correct to redefine and redesign our social structure completely out of existence?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dumbing Down to A Different Level

I remember when it was important for schools to teach students about reading, writing, math and science. In fact, No Child Left Behind was designed to help schools focus on the mastery of those subjects so that American children would be able to compete in the global economy.

Today, it looks like American children are being subjected to the teachings of another sort. Kindergartners were recently sent on a field trip to witness their teacher's same-sex marriage to her long time partner...another woman.

Is this what is in store for the next generation? Reading, writing homosexuality, instead of reading, writing, 'rithmetic?

Protecting Marriage protects society

The marriage debate has surely opened my eyes to the importance of educating oneself on the issues and voting according to that education rather than the confusing rhetoric that surrounds each campaign. There is a tremendous amount of deception that can only be dispelled as the issues are carefully studied. The opposition to the marriage amendment in AZ says the amendment is not necessary because AZ already has state law protecting marriage. If this amendment is redundant, why do they care if it passes? The fact is, it is NOT redundant! It is very important to have a constitutional law regarding marriage or the statutory law that is presently protecting marriage can be easily overturned. The law concerning marriage is AZ this year is far different than the one defeated in 2006 because this law deals only with the definition of marriage: the union of one man and one woman. Who wouldn’t want that definition protected? Marriage is the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of civilization. It is in families that the next generation of responsible adults is created! Study it out folks. A simple yes vote protects marriage—and society—in Arizona, California, and Florida!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Opposition to Marriage Gets Ugly

What ever happened to the concept of respecting other people's opinions? I was always taught to disagree agreeably even when passionate about the issue. Unfortunately, the anti-family, homosexual groups have gone nuclear by taking disagreeing to a whole new level.

Not only will those who disagree with the redefinition of marriage as a right for same-sex couples to marry be pummeled with anti-discrimination accusations; their names, contributions and religious affiliation is being published on a blog or website near you.

The intention is to smear the good names of those that are brave enough to stand up for what they believe and put their hard-earned money where their mouths are. A request has gone out from overzealot activists for all to do Internet searches on these names in order to find some dirt.

I have heard of this type of political ball being played, but normally it goes on quietly and discretly. These folks are in-your-face shameless.

Oh, and did I mention that the only religion published is that of the Mormons? In fact, the homosexual-rights folks are protesting in front of the Oakland LDS Temple where they hope to discredit and harrass those attending services.

If I did not know better, I would think this is a hate crime...

Smearing the names, harrassing and revealing the religious affiliation of political contributers may or may not be a hate crime, but it is a crime. At the very least it is immoral and anti-American.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do You Know What Your Child is Reading?

You carefully monitor the types of television your children watch. You restrict the movies they attend and you are vigilant about the types of reading material they bring into the home. So have you covered all of the bases? If you haven’t read your children’s text books you may be in for a surprise.

It is possible; no it is probable, that some of the textbooks your children are using contain topics and references that you will find inappropriate. Even if you live in an area with a strong conservative or religious base the textbook choices available to your public school district many times contain questionable material.

1. So what can you do?

The most important thing you can do is to become informed by reading your children’s textbooks and other assigned material. If you find material that you consider to be objectionable talk to other like minded parents and then contact your school district. Every district has a curriculum committee. Even if they do not agree with your position they work for you and they must consider your concerns.

Many districts provide an opportunity for parents to participate on textbook review committees. It is much more effective to influence the choice of a textbook prior to the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars rather that after the fact.

2. Review the education laws in your state.

Below is a link that might aid you in your search.

3. Monitor the activities of the State and National Education Associations

Find out what theses folks are thinking and doing. Many professional educators feel that it is their duty to educate children according to the philosophies of the time. In fact the National Education Association (NEA) the largest and most powerful teachers union in the country is committed to the development of curricula that includes favorable references to teenage sexuality, homosexuality, abortion, etc.

As a parent you have the right and the responsibility to influence the educational material that is presented to your child. The cultural pressures within public education are strongly skewed to support liberal ideologies some of which you may object strongly to. In spite of these influences you can be heard and you can cause change. School will be starting soon--your children need you to be engaged.